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Sep. 13th, 2005 @ 02:18 pm An introduction and request.
cadhla was kind enough to give me the go-ahead on this post, so thanks to her.

Most of you are here because you love Veronica Mars. Most of you are aware that VM, despite being wonderful, scraped into a second season. The challenge is to convince the good people at UPN that they made the right decision.

So I present involvedviewers for your perusal.

The basic premise is simple. Someone, usually me, will write down all the ads played during my local broadcast. Any ads with a suitable national following will be researched, and links to the relevant website will be displayed. In addition, someone (again, usually me) will track down the management contact for the product (this usually involves a nice trip through the corporate website to "investor relations" and a link to the head of marketing).

Then someone else, (hopefully, all of you), will use that contact information to write a letter or two. If there is a product in which you actually have some interest, then you would write to the company, thank the staff for its sponsorship, and express appreciation for the product. You then cc that letter to Dawn Ostroff and Rob Thomas. (I'll upload a sample letter by the weekend.)

I'd like to think that this is both novel and a clear indication that VM fans interact with advertising in a much stronger way than the average TV viewer. What network executive wouldn't want to hear that?

I'd really like to get people involved before the new season starts. Please consider helping out. Thanks for your time.
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