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Oct. 19th, 2005 @ 03:15 pm After Episode Chat Tonight?
This week I will be having an after episode chat on mIRC. If you are familiar with mIRC we will be on Dalnet and the Dragons server, using channel #veronica_mars.

Why? People can come and go without an invite. I hopefully won't keep getting kicked off and if I do I can reconnect. Anyone can chat at any time we're always open.

Chat is for Eastern time zones but since we are on mIRC the channel never closes so Westcoasters are welcome to come in after the episode.

Now for the people going "mIRC?"
mIRC is a internet chat program using servers and channels. Here is the short form tutorial.
Download the mIRC chat program here or here
If you don't want to use the downloadable program there is an applet here Directions for the applet are below.
Now open and install the program. Ignore the purchase information.
fill in the information with whatever you want, including your nickname. On the left side under "connect" the next one under that is "servers". the IRC Network is DALnet, the IRC Server is DALnet:US, CA, Dragons. Now click "connect to server". The chat box will open and in the dialog box type /join #veronica_mars, hit enter and you will be taken to the chat.

Directions for applet.
On the right hand side there is a "Chat Now" with "Nickname" and it'll say for example "Guest40000" and "Go". Click "Go" and the chat applet will open shortly. In the dialog box at the bottom type /join #veronica_mars. that will bring you to the chat. When you enter the chat you will be known as Guest-with the numbers, use the /nick command (see below) to change it to your nickname.

Other mIRC things to know;
to change your nickname: /nick and the name you want to use, it will look like this /nick I_love_Veronica_Mars
to quit /quit and a message it will look like this /quit goodbye until next week or you can just leave.
to leave an away message: /away and the message, it will look like this /away phone call

Want to know more about mIRC here are a few tuts
How to download and install mIRC
Beginners Guide

See you there.
If you have any problems I can be reached on AIM at julr00

Also if anyone would be interested in a spoiler chat after the episode chat, or an MST chat Saturday night I'm game.
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