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Rat Slaves

You should hear what people are saying about this.

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Questions, comments, and smart remarks about this community may be directed to its moderators, Mars, also known as ohimesamamama, and Seanan, also known as cadhla.

This community, like other meta communities before it, is primarily a repository of links to fan discussions -- specifically those about the TV show "Veronica Mars", its creator Rob Thomas and his other team of intrepid writers, and his other creations, such as his YA novels, movies, and the late lamented ABC series "Cupid".

Since VM fandom is small but growing, we are not limiting ourselves to link indexing of good discussion and analysis alone, but it is the primary use of this community and should be kept in mind. We'd prefer you just to post pointers to ongoing discussions and not post or crosspost what you're already discussing in your journal to this one. There are other communities for episode discussion, for questions, for asking what song was playing when Veronica got a new kitten, and for fanart; we love them, but we're here when you absolutely, positively must discuss Rob Thomas's use of a Brothers Karamazov reference tossed off in one episode to illuminate the entire season.

Nonetheless, since we'd like to see more indepth essays about the show, as well as more literary analysis, comparative analysis, character studies and the like, it IS appropriate to post questions for discussion and ask for help or resources in writing longer essays or reviews on this community as well as posting links to same. The mods are likely to start small regular topical discussions and questions here as well, in hopes that it sparks some longer thoughts from community members. All non-link content should go behind an LJ cut tag.

This community endeavors to be topical and adult, so please respect your fellow members. The 'ship you think may be the end of the world may be someone else's dearest hope. Careful analysis as to why you like or dislike something on the show is appropriate; jumping on someone else's preferences without regard to their feelings or to your justification isn't.

We'll update the community's memories section regularly so that old posts can be accessed. Feel free to link to your own writing, or posts and reviews that other writers have given you permission to link to. Links should get their own posts, with a summary subject line ("So and so on Wallace and the Pimp Juice"), the author's name and a description of the contents (cadhla goes step by step through Season One of Veronica Mars to demonstrate the way in which Wallace has lived up to the 'full of pimp juice' tag) and, where applicable, spoiler warnings (spoilers through the latest episode (1.xx)).

We welcome lively debate and civil disagreement, as well as fannish glee.